31 Ottobre: Halloween Italian Style

By Emilie Pagano |


Italians do a lot of things right. Cooking, for instance. Less famous than Italian cooking, however, is the uncanny, over-the-top gory, and often hilarious Italian horror tradition. Here, then, is a recipe for a delicious Hallowevening!

Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)

Whet your whistle with Dellamorte Dellamore (1994). Francesco Dellamorte (translation: Frances of the Dead) keeps an eye on the Buffalora cemetery. The trouble is: The newly buried are, in Frances’ words, returning. He and a dim-witted companion, Gnaghi, team up against the returning dead; excepting the ones they fall in love with, of course. This one’s offbeat, with notes of gore – not to mention a bit of lovemaking that’ll make your eyes sweat – undertones of sardonicism, and a singular visual imagination.

The House by the Cemetery (1981)

For your main course, The House by the Cemetery (1981). A researcher (of an unspecified sort) relocates his family to the home of a former colleague who’d offed himself after offing his mistress. If that sounds bad, wait until you see what’s in the basement. Here’s a hint: It’s creepy, crawly, and it wants to eat you. This one has everything director Lucio Fulci is famous for: Blood, guts, and bad (by which I mean great) dubbing. It also has one of the greatest theme songs of all time.

Demons (1985)

Round out your evening with Demons (1985). Created by three Italian horror heavyweights (directed by Lamberto Bava, written by Dardano Sachetti, and produced by Dario Argento), Demons is the story of a movie screening that turns its audience into…well, demons. Puss will burst in your face, teeth and nails will fall (agonizingly!) out, and everything oozes with Argento’s characteristic garishness. You’ll be full after this one, folks.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your meal; perhaps enough to throw it up, even. If you did, check out our other Halloween playlists. And don’t forget to share and like! Happy Halloween from all of us here at HorrorRated.com!

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