Doors to Madness

By David J. |


The Trick-or-Treaters have gone home to gorge themselves on candy before their hundredth viewing of Hocus Pocus sends them to a delightful slumber. Your Halloween routine has been faithfully observed, but the mad cravings of that perverse old imp inside you have gone too long unsated. This Halloween night you need better than bogeymen and more than gore—you must seek unexplored vistas of terror.

Baskin (2016)

You start in familiar territory with Baskin, which has the makings of a standard police thriller until our band of brothers answers their last call of the night. What starts as a raid against cultists squatting in an abandoned police station slowly unfolds into a dark rite of awakening, baptized in murder and blood.

The Void (2017)

What you’ve witnessed has been enlightening, but this only sets the stage for further transformation—not only of mind, but of body. The Void opens where Baskin left off, with a victim of vile rituals escaping into the custody of a small town policeman. Unknown to them, the empty hospital that is their refuge is the very center of one man’s unholy ambition. For his followers—and his victims—death is only the next step in evolution.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2012)

By now, you may have seen too much. At this time, Beyond the Black Rainbow would like to welcome you to the Arboria Institute, whose fusion of science and spirituality can bring you to new heights of happiness. You will meet Dr. Nyle, who has sinister designs for his only patient, Elena—and you will learn that his own process of enlightenment was anything but happy.

We hope that your journey has been revelatory, although we do not guarantee that what you have learned will be uplifting. Likewise, we do not claim liability for any side effects you may have contracted, which include but are not limited to: nightmares, headaches, paranoia, hallucinations, contact with or assimilation into a hostile consciousness, additional limbs, or vomiting.

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