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Fancy yourself a globetrotter this Halloween, but perhaps tonight you’re not up to face any potential dangers that loom beyond the safety of your home? Well fear not: we’ve compiled a culturally enriching and deeply terrifying playlist with three distinct docu-horrors from three distinct countries.

Trollhunter (2010)

Norway’s many fjords hide an underbelly full of what was for centuries thought to be myth, at least according to Trollhunter (2010). Brave through dense woodlands and snowy mountains to track down the elusive subjects of local folklore. You will be fascinated and unnerved by the many varieties of humanoid beasts that wander country’s the beautiful and remote locales. Warning: Christians beware, your blood is a strong odor, and trolls are not known to walk gently in the night.

The Bay (2012)

Next, you will be served up a seaside Chesapeake Bay town. Kicking off their 4th of July festivities, the Marylanders are about to pay the price for decades’ worth of unchecked marine pollution. Expect some nastiness, for this American film does not skimp on the rashes, boils, and disemboweled guts. Part body-horror, part eco-disaster, The Bay (2012) is that one film sure to make you think twice about where you get your drinking water.

[•REC] (2007)

For this last chapter we will enter the darkest and most claustrophobic setting yet: a hellish Barcelona apartment building whose residents have been stricken with a wretched ailment, wiping their humanity and leaving them lusting for human flesh. This Spanish documentary gone-wrong has a reputation among horror fans for being one of the scariest films of all time, and for very good reason. Trust us when we say that once it gets going, its hunger is insatiable. [•REC] (2007) is true terror.

We’ve traveled on an epic journey spanning over 7500 miles, and with a heavy heart we must conclude this chapter of scares for the moment. If you’re hungry for more fistfuls of frights, do have a peek at the rest of our Halloween playlists, and don’t forget to leave a like and share!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at!

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