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While perhaps more prone to their heart-stopping by a scare, old ladies seem to have no problem doing the scaring. These creepy ladies are less likely to bake you cookies, but we can promise you that they’ll bake you a nice batch of nightmares. Get ready, because this playlist won’t wrap you in warm quilts of love- it’ll toss you down and make you wish you had Life Alert.

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Have you ever started a horror movie night and the chatty Cathys around you are too busy catching up to actually invest themselves in some good scares? Well, Drag Me to Hell (2009) will set the perfect tone for your grey-haired festival. Drag Me to Hell will lure your group in with an occasional laugh, only to rip your lips off at the hands of the especially haunting, Mrs. Ganush.

Dead Silence (2007)

Before horror director James Wan invested himself into the world of Insidious - feature a horrific ghost lady - he reinvigorated our fear of puppets and the ventriloquists who operate them in Dead Silence (2007). Brimming with jump scares and a genuinely terrifying old lady in Mary Shaw, Dead Silence should be next up on your evening’s docket.

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

End the night with this playlist’s scariest: The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014). While Deborah’s feeble stature and disarming personality may make you think you’re about to rest easy, be warned, you’re about to see something that’ll surely keep you awake. Equally endearing as it is horrifying; this found-footage film will make you question the sincerity of your cuddly grandma, but also will you to hold her a little closer.

Now, you’ll want to protect your grandma’s health and avoid seeing these films with her at your side, but this movie playlist will surely lead to an evening of sweater-wearing, cat-gripping fun for you and your friends. Like this playlist? Continue exploring for other playlists. As always, please be sure to like and share.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at!

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