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By Alex Graves |


If you’re in need for something for everyone this Halloween, we’ve got a few suggestions. Our Pick ‘n’ Mix Modern Playlist is sure to appease all horror fans – from the lovers of artsy suspense, to those of us who just want to see how much blood the average victim once held.

The Witch

We begin with The VVitch (2015), a movie as beautiful as it is unsettling. When a family of 17th century puritans attempt to strike out on their own, trouble isn’t far away. Is there something in the woods? Are the creepy twins getting instructions from the farm goat? And is our protagonist really a witch? This tense, picturesque film starts of uneasy, and never lets up, which is sure to please those guests with a taste for the macabre, and the dramatic.


Moving on continents and centuries, we arrive at Housebound (2014). This New Zealand offering centres around Kylie, who is sentenced to house arrest. At her mother’s home. This movie is equal parts horror and comedy, but manages to provide plenty of tension in the form of the house’s mystery – a possible haunting. As Kylie investigates, we are treated to a clever mystery several layers deep. Your gorehound friends will be pleasantly surprised at the violence that hurtles out of control towards the end, and your mystery lovers will be impressed with how clever a movie this funny can be.

You’re Next

We’ll cap the night with You’re Next (2011), which is not only a fantastically bloody movie, but a cleverly made one. When a large family get together to celebrate, a home invasion quickly upsets festivities. This movie offers buckets of blood, slick dialogue and the question of “why is this happening” that leads up to a finale that will keep you and your guests talking for weeks.

With that, hopefully all guests are appeased, and all chocolate once intended for trick ‘r treaters has been consumed. Did you like our playlist? Do you need another? We’ve got loads more, so have a look, and drop us a like or a share if you enjoy us.

And have a very happy Halloween from all of us here at HorrorRated.com, and think about saving us a couple of treats from the kids.

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