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Mike is the founder of HorrorRated.com and a lifelong horror fan. He created HorrorRated to solve a problem he and his wife faced nearly every time they sat down to watch a movie. Endless scrolling through Netflix, Amazon, Shudder etc. What they needed was a quick horror fix. A movie they hadn’t seen, that was actually worth watching and most importantly, not spend almost as long as the movie actually finding something to watch.

Being a web designer and developer Mike set about building a small site for him and his wife. It began with simply spinning a wheel to get a random horror movie categorized by gore, fear, trauma, nudity or scares. He set the bar for movies using the movie’s IMDb score. Anything rated below 5/10 didn’t make it onto the site. And guess what? It worked. They got their horror flick fix in just a few quick clicks. So Mike set about putting together a more comprehensive and versatile site for everyone to use. Thus, HorrorRated was created.

Top 5 Christmas Horror Movies


It feels like Stephen King’s It was the first major horror release we’ve seen in a while. That’s not to say there aren’t some scary flicks that do well at the box office pretty much every year, but most of them blend together over time. It seems more like a film we’ll remember and look back on – not to mention we’re already learning some details about its sequel.

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